Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch and Rye List

Single Malt Scotch


Aberfeldy, 12 Year
Aberfeldy, 16 Year
Dalmore, 15 Year
Dalwhinnie, 15 Year
Glenmorangie, 10 Year
Glenmorangie Allta
Glenmorangie, Astar
Glenmorangie, Bacalta
Glenmorangie, Companta
Glenmorangie, Milsean, Private Edition
Glenmorangie, Nectar d’or, 12 Year
Glenmorangie, Quinta Ruban, 12 Year
Glenmorangie, Signet
Glenmorangie, Spios, Private Edition #9
Glenmorangie, Tusail
Macallan, 12 Year
Macallan, 18 year
Macallan, Rare
Oban, 14 Year
Oban, Distillers Edition


Balvenie, Carriebean Cask, 14 Year
Balvenie, Double Wood, 12 Year
Balvenie, Port Wood, 21 Year
Balvenie, Single Barrel, Sherry Oak, 15 Year
Benriach, Cask 1265, Red Burgundy Barrel, 1994, 21 Year
Benriach, Cask 5172, Pedro Ximerez Sherry Cask, 1998, 17 Year
Benriach, Cask 81047, Bourbon Barrel, 1999, 15 Year
Benromach, Gordon & MacPhail, 10 Year
Caperdonich, First Editions, 20 Year
Glenfarclas, 21 Year
Glenfarclas, 25 Year
Glenfiddich, 12 Year
Glenfiddich, 14 Year
Glenfiddich, 15 Year
Glenfiddich, Old Grand Reserve, 21 Year
Glenfiddich, Project XX
Glenlivet, 12 Year
Glenlivet, 15 Year
Glenlivet, 18 Year
Glenlivet, Nadura


Auchentoshwn, Three Wood


Springbank, 10 Year
Springbank, 15 Year


Ardbeg, 10 Year
Ardbeg, An Oa
Ardbeg, Corryvrecken
Ardbeg. Dark Cove GB 2016
Ardbeg, Grooven Committee Release
Ardbeg, Kelpe
Ardbeg, Perpentuum
Ardbeg, Ulgeadial
Bowmore, 12 Year
Bunnhabhain, 12 Year
Kilchoman, Michir Bay, Release 9
Lagavulin, 16 Year
Laphroain, 10 Year
Laphroaig, 18 Year
Laphroaig, Cairdeas, 2016 Release
Laphroaig, Select, 10 Year
Laphroaig, Triplewood
Laphroaig, 200th Anniversary, Limited Edition, 8 Year


American & Canadian Blends

Canadian Club
Crown Royal
Gentleman Jack
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels, Single Barrel
Seagrams 7, Crown
Seagrams VO

Other Interesting Whiskey

Barrell Craft Spirits, Infinite Barrell Project, Cask Strength, 119 Proof, TN
Bernheim, Wheat, KY
Booker’s, Little Book, KY
Charbay Meyer, R5 Hop Whiskey, CA
Corsair, Eight Grain, TN
Corsair, Mosaic, Hopped, TN
Corsair, Quinoa, TN
Corsair, Triple Smoke, TN
Dry Fly, Wheat, WA
Hirsch, Straight Corn Whiskey, MI
Hudson, Corn Whiskey, NY
Jefferson’s, Chefs Collaboration, KY
Koval, Four Grain, Cask 1418, FWGS Edition 1, IL
Koval, Single Barrel, Oat, IL
Manatawny Still Works, Batch 3, PA
Midstate Distillery, Pennsyltucky Moonshine, PA
Nakka, Coffey Grain, Japan
Nikka, Coffey Malt, Japan
Nikka, Miyagikyo, Single Malt, Japan
Nikka, Pure Malt, Japan
Parker’s Heritage Collection, 9th Edition, KY
Prichards, Single Malt, TN
Rogue Farms, Dead Guy, OR
Rogue Farms, Single Malt, OR
Smooth Ambler, Contradiction, WV
St. George Spirtis, Breaking and Entering, CA
Stranhans, CO
Tattered Flag, Single Malt, PA
Tin Cup, CO
Westland, Single Malt, Cask 115, WA


Alberta, Dark, Canada
Anchor Brewing, Old Potrero, CA
Angels Envy, KY
Bulleit, KY
Catoctin Creek, Roundstone, VA
Corsair, Rymageddon, IL
Dad’s Hat, Portwood Finish, PA
Dad’s Hat, White, PA
Colonel E.H. Taylor, KY
Few, IL
Filibuster, Duel Cask, Rye be Heard, VA
Five & 20, NY
George Dickel, IN
High West, Rendezvous, UT
High West, A Mid Winter Night’s Dram, UT
Hochstadter’s Vatted, PA
Hochstadter’s, Vatted, Cask Strength, PA
Jack Daniels, Single Barrel, TN
Kentucky Owl, The Wiseman’s, 111 Proof, 11 Year, KY
Kentucky Owl, The Wiseman’s, 121 Proof, 11 Year, KY
Kentucky Peerless, Barrel Proof, 2 Year, KY
Knob Creek, KY
Knob Creek, Twice Barreled, Limited Release, 100 Proof, KY
Leadslinger, OK
Lock Stock & Barrel, 101 Proof, PA
Masterson’s, 10 Year, KY
Old Forester, 100 Proof, KY
Pikesville, 6 Year, KY
Re Find, CA
Rittenhouse, 100 Proof 4 Year, KY
Sazerac, 6 Year KY
Whistlepig, 15 Year, VT
Whistlepig, The Boss Hog, VT
Whistlepig, Single Barrel, FWGS Barrel 4577, 117 Proof 10 Year, VT
Wild Turkey, KY
Willett, Family Reserve, 106 Proof 3 Year, KY


1792, Full Proof, 125 Proof, KY
1792, Single Barrel, KY
1792 Small Batch, KY
Angels Envy, KY
Baker’s, 7 Year, KY
Barrel Craft Spirits, 015, 107 Proof, TN
Basil Hayden, KY
Berkshire Mountain, MA
Berkshire Mountain, Full Sail Cask, MA
Bib & Tucker, 6 Year, CA
Black Button, Four Grain, NY
Blanton’s, Single Barrel, KY
Blantos’s, Single Barrel, FWGS Barrel 075, KY
Blanton’s, Single Barrel. FWGS Barrel 209, KY
Blood Oath, Pact III, MS
Blood Oath, Pact IV, MS
Booker’s, KY
Booker’s, The Center Cut, Limited Release, 2015, KY
Bowman Brothers, Small Batch, VA
Breckenridge, CO.
Buffalo Trace, KY
Buffalo Trace, Single Barrel, FWGS Barrel 059, KY
Buffalo Trace, Single Barrel, FWGS Barrel 061, KY
Buffalo Trace, Single Barrel, FWGS Barrel 139, KY
Calumet Farms, KY
Colonel E.H. Taylor, Single Barrel, KY
Colonel E.H. Taylor, Small Batch, KY
Coopers’ Craft, KY
Coopers’ Craft, 100 Proof, KY
Corner Creek, Reserve, KY
Duke, Small Batch
Eagle Rare, KY
Elijah Craig, Small Batch 12 Year, KY
Elijah Craig, Single Barrel 23 Year, KY
Elijah Craig, Cask Strengh, 124 Proof, 2019 Release, KY
Elijah Craig, Private Selection, Barrel 5264317, KY
Elmer T. Lee, Single Barrel, 12 Year, KY
Few, IL
Five & 20, NY
Four Roses, Single Barrel, FWGS Edition 7, 113 Proof OBSV, KY
Four Roses, Single Barrel, FWGS Edition 8, 103 Proof OBSO, KY
Four Roses, Single Barrel, FWGS Edition 10, 100 Proof OBSF, KY
Four Roses, Single Barrel, FWGS Edition 12, 109 Proof OESF, KY
Four Roses, Single Barrel, FWGS Edition 13, 124 Proof OESQ, KY
Four Roses, Single Barrel, FWGS Edition 14, 116 Proof OBSV, KY
Four Roses, Single Barrel, FWGS Edition 15, 116 Proof OBSF, KY
Four Roses, Single Barrel, FWGS Edition 16, 115 Proof OESK, KY
Four Roses, Single Barrel, FWGS Edition 17, 125 Proof OESQ, KY
Four Roses, Single Barrel, FWGS Edition 18, 122 Proof OBSV, KY
Four Roses, Single Barrel, FWGS Edition 22, 116 Proof OESK, KY
Four Roses, Single Barrel, FWGS Edition 23, 116 Proof OESF, KY
Four Roses, Single Barrel, FWGS Edition 24, 116 Proof OESF, KY
Four Roses, Single Barrel, KY
Four Roses, Small Batch, KY
Four Roses, Small Batch, Cask Strength, 2016, KY
Four Roses, Small Batch, Cask Strength, Limited Edition, KY
Garison Brothers, Cowboy, 136 Proof, 2018, TX
Garrison Brothers, 2015 Release, TX
Garrison Brothers, 2016 Release, TX
Haas Brothers, Cyrus Noble, CA
Henrey McKenna, 100 Proof, 10 Year, KY
High West, American Prairie, UT
Hudson, Baby, NY
I.W. Harper, KY
Jefferson’s Ocean, Aged at Sea, KY
Jefferson’s, Presendential Select, 16 Year, KY
Jefferson’s, Prichard Hill Cabernet Sauvignon Cask, KY
Jefferson Reserve, FWGS Barrel G 438, KY
Jefferson’s, Sauturnes Cask, KY
Jesse James, Signature, CA
Jim Beam, KY
Jim Beam, Black, KY
Jim Beam, Devils Cut, KY
Jim Beam, Repeal, KY
Journeyman Distillery, Featherbone, MI
Kentucky Owl, The Wiseman’s, 121 Proof, KY
Knob Creek, Small Batch, KY
Knob Creek, 25th Anniversary, KY
Koval, Single Cask, FWGS, Barrel 1285, IL
Limestone Branch, Yellowstone, 7 Year, 101 Proof, 2015 Edition, KY
Maker’s Mark KY
Maker’s Mark, 46, KY
Maker’s Mark, Cask Strength, KY
Metze’s, Select, IN
Midstate Distillery, Pennsyltucky, PA
Old Elk, CO
Old Ezra, Cask Strength, 117 Proof, 7 Year, KY
Old Fitzgerald, Bottled in Bond, Fall 2018, KY
Old Forester, 1870, KY
Old Forester, 1897, KY
Old Forester, 1920, 115 Proof, KY
Old Forester, Statesman, KY
Old Forester, Birthday, 2017, KY
Old Grandad, KY
Orphan Barrel, Rhetoric, 23 Year, KY
Orphan Barrel, Rhetoric, 24 Year, KY
Orphan Barrel, Rhetoric, 25 Year, KY
Parker’s Heritage, Bottled in Bond, 24 Year, KY
Pennepacker, 3 Year, KY
Rebellion, KY
Redemption, Wheated, KY
Redemption, KY
Russel’s Reserve, 10 Year, KY
Smooth Ambler, Old Scout, 10 Year, WV
Stagg Jr, Barrel Strength, KY
Straight Edge, CA
W.L. Weller, KY
W.L. Weller, 12 Year, KY
Widow Jane NY
Wild Turkey, KY
Wild Turkey, Jimmy Russell Diamond Anniversary Release, 13 Year, KY
Wild Turkey, Kentucky Spirit, FWGS, KY
Wild Turkey, Longbranch, KY
Willett Family Estate, Small Batch, Pot Still, KY
Woodford Reserve, KY