Sharing Is Caring: 5 Ways to Have It All at Ad Lib


Tonight’s the night and whether you are having a romantic date night, a ‘Gal’entine’s dinner with your girlfriends or a bromance, we want you to get the most bang for your buck! Our advice? Share the love! Sharing a variety of small plates is the perfect way to enjoy a taste of everything without going overboard.


Start with Snacks

Ad Lib has an open flow kitchen meaning after you order, your food comes to you as soon as it’s ready. It’s hard to think when you’re hungry  – start with a snack or two as soon as you’re seated! This gives you a chance to browse the menu and discuss your strategy with your dining companions.


Small Plates are for Sharing

Smaller in portion but not in flavor, these items are great for complimenting a bigger item or for making a tapas style meal! Try crispy Brussels sprouts with sticky bun and cranberry or house chicken wings with Aleppo pepper, malt vinegar powder and buttermilk blue cheese. We recommend two small plates for two to four diners when paired with other menu items.


Go Big

Bigger, richer, meatier – big plates will satisfy the carnivores at your table! From fish and poultry to beef and boar, big plates are the hearty element of your shared meal. We recommend one big plate per every two diners.


Freshen Up

A fresh salad is a perfect complement to our savory big plates and our chefs don’t hold back when it comes to creating flavorful combinations of crisp vegetables. The chopped kale salad with maple pecans and pickled beets shines when it comes to sharing and a few bites of this loaded salad will have you satisfied.


Don’t Forget Dessert

A little something a sweet makes every occasion special and the dessert menu at Ad Lib is full of sweet surprises.  Whether you share with the table or keep your dessert all to yourself, a treat is a perfect way to wrap up the perfect night out!